Howard Fuller

Arguably one of the most talented racing car drivers of his generation, Howard’s career began at the young age of 8 and has continued to take the racing world by storm.


About Howard Fuller

A guy who believes life is better at the races

Howard Fuller is first in his family to break into driving sport cars. When kids at his age were drawing with crayons, Howard was becoming the youngest driver in the 13 year history of Formula Palmer Audi. He is the most talented Surrey racer and his passion for driving sports cars started at age 8!

Howard in 2007 had his first race at Motorsports Vision Run T-Car Championship against F1 driver Jolyon Palmer. After this his career took off and some of his record breaking achievements include lap record at VW Racing Cup (Brand Hatch GP), standing first in British Touring Car Championship and participating in 19 races at Formula Palmer Audi at a very young age. There is so much more about Howard but to get to know him better, you have to take a look at his timeline of motorsports carrier.

Today he is a brand ambassador for Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Citroën, Infiniti, BMW and Ferrari. Howard is a living legend, qualified motorsports engineer and an educator for those who love driving sports cars.


Round One – OultonPark
Aprill 22

Round Two – Snetterton
May 18 – 19

Round Three – Silverstone
June 8 – 9

Round Four – DoningtonPark
June 22 – 23

 Round Five – BrandsHatch
July 6 – 7

Round Six – BrandsHatch
August 3 – 4

Round Seven – DoningtonPark
Sept 14 – 15

7 + 9 =

“There’s nothing quite like racing. Knowing you’ve trained so hard for that moment, then getting to the flag first. Standing on top of the podium. Heart racing. Nothing comes close.”

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